Story: "Victoria" - Raine Weaver

And here we go again with the second story of the day! This is courtesy of the talented Raine Weaver, who presents us with "Victoria".

Just a brief note: as it states in our info, we do ask that if you can, that you the readers make a small donation to a charity or organization helping victims of Hurricane Katrina. If no particular charity is specified, we suggest one of those we're linked to. Raine would like any contributions on behalf of her story be sent to The Humane Society Disaster Relief Fund.

And now, on with the story!

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"A Trifling Affair" - Jules Jones - M/M (NC-17)

Alas, the weekend is drawing to a close, but we have a double treat for you: two short stories today!

This, the first, is from Jules Jones - a sizzling hot bit, as you might say. *smile*.

Warning: This story does contain explicit M/M sexual intercourse. ADULTS ONLY. If you are not comfortable with that, please do not click. If you are over the age of consent and wish to investigate Jules Jones' work, you may check it out on her website:

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New Story! "Naked" by Jules Jones - Male/Male (see other warnings)

We're honored to have a contribution from Jules Jones, Loose Id author of "Spindrift" and "The Syndicate" (Volumes 1, 2, and 3, co-written with Alex Woolgrave), among others.

Please note: This story is homoerotic in nature (male/male), and contains both D/s and "shaving". For Mature Audiences Only, please!

Now, please enjoy the story...

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